Sunday, 19 July 2009

Hannibal Lecter

We will come to the good Doctor in a minute, spent the morning fabricating and then welding into the car a series of re-inforcing bars, 4 running front to back, parallel with the sills, and 5 left to right, complete with triangulation to stiffen up the car pending surgery.

Left the drivers side doors in place to check for sag or movement, and can still refit the passenger side doors if required.

Then roof removal, reminded me of the Doctor removing the cranium in the Brain eating scene.

There is extensive rust arount the rear tailgate aperture too, and this will require parts from the other roof that I have.

Next job repair all the rain gutters as large areas are like this

Then I can look to fitting the replacement roof.

The Stag has the starter motor on the opposite side to the Standard engine, but when I inspected the wiring loom there are no signs of modification, it looks like the factory had special modified looms made for all the Stag engined conversions that they made.

Its worth noting from the recent pictures on the forum of the Del Lines modified cars, he did not modify the front of the car to take the stag radiator or air intake, unlike this car which has similar arrangements to the other known factory converted cars.

Thats it now for about 2 weeks as work commitments will probably prevent me working on the cars for a while.

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