Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Front Valence Complete

Front Valence welded in tonight, spot welds every inch - its a lot of spot welds, but so easy with the proper tool. Engine bay view.

And from the front.

Quick spray of primer on the welds to stop rusting and its done.

I have now reached a halt at the front. I still need 1 battery box panel, so that I can fabricate the battery box and fit it in the radiator panel, and then make up the oil cooler brackets. I think that the battery box will interfere with the normal oil cooler bracket, which is probably why one was not fitted on the driver's side, and the original oil cooler rested on the pipes, I'd like to do it properly, so until the battery box is complete and fitted, I cannot do the oil cooler mounts and hence I cannot fit the top closing panel as I need access behind the radiator panel. The top closing panel needs a few mods too to accomodate the Stag air intake.

On a brighter note I collected a very good drivers door today, and some quarter lights with good rubbers, so thats a few more items off the wanted list.

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