Saturday, 18 July 2009

Convertible Estate

9 hours driving to North Cornwall and back, 1.5 hours with a hacksaw and a screwdriver and this was the result, alfresco motoring in a 2500 estate

Its surprising how much the shell moves and wobbles with out the roof.

And here is how we transported it - got lots of strange looks on the M5

The roof, although the wrong colour (its primrose) is perfect down the driver's side, and the rear. It has a small 10mm corrosion hole at the front, and sadly on the passenger side 3 areas 10 - 15cm long which need repair. Most of the cant rails are good too.

However much much better than the existing roof which has rusted completely down both sides and the rear.

The flexibility of the donor car, has confirmed my thoughts of creating an internal birdcage of angle iron in the estate before the transplant.

The difficulties of storing this roof, may move the transplant forward in my plans.

Watch this space

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