Monday, 13 July 2009

Wing and a Prayer

Here is the wing, its a secondhand original wing, with some rust in the usual places, but I can use it if necessary, I still think the estate deserves a new one, but I can use this to fit the wheel arch repair sections. Here is a view of the back of it, with the flanges cleaned up ready for fitting.

I pray it fits, and it does. As a bonus its even the correct colour !

Trial fit of the wheel arch repair panel - it doesn't fit very well

The curve and shape is wrong in 4 areas. It doesn't follow the curve of the wheel arch around the lip, and its depth on the flange is wrong.

So I cut it up, down the main curve, reshaped it where necessary, and tack welded it back together. So you can see it now fits

Here it is ready for seam welding, about 13 mm cut out of it, and reshaped. Ready for refitting.

Work stops here for the night, and indeed the estate won't see any more work until the weekend, its the turn of the 5 now.

I shall discuss the wheel arch repair section with my supplier, as I don't want to have to rework the other 3 sections, as none of them look like they will fit. I suspect I have been given incorrect parts by mistake as the other items that I have from them are super.

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