Saturday, 14 August 2010

At last some time to work on the estate

I have not been ignoring the estate, but I have had so much work this summer it has had to wait. However I have been progressing with parts and getting bits and pieces organised.

Firstly the heater, went and collected this and the machined down water valve

So thats finished and put away for now.

The front drive shafts have also gone off to Dave Mac, and I am expecting arrival of the front brake disks any day now.

Got some work done on the shell today, the first jobs were to repair the holes found during the dipping  and ecoating,

firstly the small hole in the FF driveshaft tunnel mods.

Then the front bulkhead hole


I repaired this by holding a piece of copper behind it, and then simply filling the hole with weld (the weld doesn't stick to the copper), which in this case was a flattened piece of water pipe

Then onto the plenum, into which I cut a hole

and welded up the inner holes, which were through to the passenger compartment, and then fitted a patch to the front

The following hole was not rust, but left by FF when they modified the chassis rails

I thought that I had better fill it though in case the MOT man complains

Finally there was the damage / rusty area in one rear floor pan near a grommet hole

Patch inserted, hole redrilled and primered

Nothing else for it now but to start the lead loading, commenced with the passenger side windscreen pillar

I was please with that result, it still wants a little shaping, but its all so shiny, its hard to see, so it can have some guide coat later before final finishing. The paper at the bottom of the pillar is to catch the lead shavings from the file, which can then be recycled, by melting back into a bar.

Total hours worked now 590 - 7 hours today

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