Saturday, 21 August 2010

Not much to show for 7 hours work

A short blog report today, I started work on leadloading the bonnet bulge, and getting the scoop to fit.

After an entire day, I had managed to remove the ecoat, tin the metal, lead load all the joints round the bulge, and form the basic scoop housing. I cannot believe how long this took, I have still to load the bulge with lead, and file this back, at this rate of progress it will take 2 or 3 days.

The main issue is that as it is all flat panels, when you heat them to tin or lead them, they distort, and need hammering back into shape, so progress is slow. It does however explain why there was so much lead on the original bonnet, as all the distorted areas also need lead.

So here is how it looks now

The areas to the front and side of the scoop are where the bonnet needed loading due to distortion, and you cannot knock it back here, as the bonnet strengthening bars are behind the skin in this area.

I have made a decision on painting the estate, this is going to be done by a professional in a spray booth. He is coming to inspect the car later this week, and subject to agreeing terms, it should be painted in late September, early October. Its going to be in 2 pack.

Hours worked now 604 - 7 today

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