Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Decision Time

I have been contemplating the paining of the estate and the rest of the body preparation for some time now. The what, how and whys of Do it myself or farm it out. Pros and Cons, cheaper to be done by me, downside lack of time, issues with toxic paint etc etc.

I have been to see a few paint shops too, had lots of conversations with various people and considered all my options.

Well the decision is made now, and its off to the paint shop this weekend, to be painted in 2 pack. They are going to finish off the lead loading (as its taking me an age, and I am very busy at work at present), finish the preparation, and paint it. Finish date is mid October.

I'll be a regular visitor to watch progress and take pictures.

So while its away, I am going to clean out the garage (again) and get all the mechanical bits assembled, at the very least its got to come home on its wheels, not resting on pallets after its painted.

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