Friday, 20 August 2010

Estate Progress

I collected the latest lot of powder coating today, which is just about the last remaining items that need doing.

It comprises the brake reservoir, fuel pump brackets, some parts from behind the dash, and the wheel hubs and front stub axles.

I had asked the powder coaters to protect the bearing surfaces, but sadly they didn't so I've a bit of extra work to do, which involves scraping the powder coat off the bearing surfaces, so that the wheel races fit correctly.

I have also been after another bonnet scoop because mine is corroded, Colin from the 200 register has been good enough to send me one. It has the same part number in the die casting as mine, but when compared its different! The one I have is lower and slightly reshaped -

The one from the estate is in front, its lower by about 5mm - I think its simply been flattened as it does not have the curve or bow of the original, and its also longer, but I think this is a part of the flattening process, but looking from the sides there has also been some subtle grinding done to it, probably to improve the fit.

Now that I know this it will have to go for replating, but I can only do that when I have done the bonnet lead loading, so thats the job for tomorrow.

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