Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Estate Bits and Pieces

After finishing work on time I managed to put a few hours in on the estate tonight.

Firstly, powder coating removal from bearing surfaces on the front hubs and bearing carriers. After much scraping and rubbing down with emery paper I got all the powder coat removed from where it shouldn't be and ended up with this

all ready for the bearings and brake disks.

I also unpacked a couple of recent ebay purchases, a set of Quinton Hazel handbrake cables - too boring to photo, and a NOS Stag distributor, complete with original points and rotor arm. It has the American emissions vacuum unit which gives advance and retard, so that needs swapping over, but otherwise a great ebay find.

I have also ordered some more body lead sticks for the weekend.

So hours worked now 607 - 3 tonight
Money spent now £13004, £75 distributor, £35 powder coating, £10 brake cables

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