Friday, 10 August 2012

Back to the Estate

I managed to get a few jobs done on the estate this afternoon.

Fitted the passenger window nos weatherstrip.

Replaced the power steering pump front oil seal - the old one looked ok on removal so I am not sure why that leaked, still time will now show if that fault is fixed.

I was going to fit the rear bumper, now I have the complete item, and spent a happy ? hour or so removing Stanparts protective covering from the chrome. It finally took cellulose thinners to shift, and then I found that although I could locate all the bumper mountings and brackets I couldn't find the joiner strips that fit between the bumper sections - I know they are here somewhere.

Tomorrow I am going to remove the auto box and FF system ( I hope) to help with this I have purchased a transmission jack - there's no way one person, even me!, is going to be able to take the weight of the FF system and autobox. I hope that when the propshaft and exhausts are removed, I can lower the rear of the box enough to unbolt the FF system, and that will then allow room to get the autobox off the bellhousing - at least being an auto the torque converter and gearbox to engine bellhousing can stay in place, and starter motor too.

Finally my new 123ignition dissy arrived, its basically megajolt built into the dizzy housing, so no points, points scatter or floating baseplate - you can also reprogram advance curves, vacuum advance etc, so I'll be having fun with this at some point, but I am not fitting it to the car until the gearbox is back in - only change one thing at a time.

I have also realised why I have had small puddles of autobox fluid under the car, there's no breather pipe on the gearbox - what a plank to forget that - that will certainly be fitted when the box goes back in.

And finally I have started to put my RBRR spares together - no drive shafts or similar items - if those fail we are out, but sensible stuff, alternator, plugs, dizzy cap and leads, rotor arm, drive belts, windscreen wipers, spare set of radiator hoses and jubilee clips etc

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