Saturday, 18 August 2012

FF Box Complete Stripdown

Bell housing removal was simple and quick all nuts and bolts easily accessible, Torque Converter was not simple, remove vacuum tank, remove exhaust manifold, remove starter motor - except the starter motor still won't come out until the engine mount is removed and the engine tipped over a little, then you can get at the 4 bolts on the rear of the flexiplate which attaches the torque converter. 

While removing these, I dropped one behind the flexiplate, so I subsequently had to remove that from the crankshaft - grrrrr - next time there is a rag going in the hole to catch errant bolts.

Anyway with the torque converter off and ready for dispatch to the gearbox people I commenced a full strip down of the FF system

The first thing that you need to know is that the internal nuts that secure bearings on shafts are left hand thread - undo them normally and you tighten them up! Its really good engineering as the shaft rotation will cause them to tighten - a sign of quality and good engineering.

Anyway, all stripped, there are a few other tiny rust marks on some ball races, so as planned I am going to replace all bearings, these were ordered online today, all SKF for about £195. They are a mix of deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical thrusts bearings

I thought that you lucky readers may wish to see the full internals of the FF box, so apart from the input shaft from the auto box here it all is, followed by pictures of a strip down of the individual components

As assembled in the casings - note the space for a second morse chain for engines with more torque (big american V8's I guess)


front propshaft removed from transfer gears

front transfer gear assembly stripped.

Take off from viscous coupling to morse chain

tailshaft assembly taking drive from mainshaft gears - "the funny" ring with 2 cups, splashes oil from a little reservoir (fed from the scroll pick up in the VC housing) to lubricate the rear bearings

epicycle gear set in rear of viscous coupling

That's it rebuild time sometime next week - I wish I had done this originally

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