Saturday, 11 August 2012

Well it wasn't as bad as I thought

Started gearbox removal at 10.30, all out by 1.30 - 3 hours, don't know why I worried, easier than a manual box in a Stag ! - I suspect it will be a little awkward to replace, but time will tell.

Before removal I drained all the oil, here's the oil from the FF a little dirty but no metal

Here's the oil from the auto box, with some swarf in it.

Here's a better picture of the swarf - looks like alloy to me I haven't bothered to drop the sump on the autobox

and box out

I was still worrying about the FF parts so I stripped the FF box down, and all is fine apart from the tailshaft bearings - they have gone rough and noisy

Still I have learnt my lesson, while its out I am replacing ALL the bearings, and the auto box is going off for a full strip down. I was going to do this myself, but I simply cannot find anyone who will sell me a seal and bearing kit, so I admit defeat here, and a reconditioner can do the work. In the scheme of things its not been that large a setback, although I still wish that I had done it when it was all originally apart.

Anyway, that done I am off to Malvern in the morning to see the TR International.

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