Thursday, 23 August 2012

FF box rebuilt

All the bearings had arrived, so I rebuilt the FF transfer box today, all went as planned, and its very very shiny inside now - tailshaft spins without noise too, I really hope that's it now.

The autobox has also been rebuilt and awaits my collection. So I just have to reassemble the whole thing, which may be a few weeks due to business commitments.

I noticed that I haven't updated hours and money for a while so the grand totals are now

Time spent 1053 

32 bonnet painting, 12, hours on box removal and power steering pump, 6 hours on rebuilding the FF box

Money spent 

£185 paint and materials
£60 quarter bumper
£30 extended speedo cable
£195 SKF bearings for FF box
£20 pump seals
£850 on full autobox rebuild including torque converter (this was a little painful!)

Total now £22331

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