Monday, 27 August 2012

Box back in

Today, I reassembled the transmission and replaced the gearbox - sounds simple, but it has taken 8 hours so far.

The gearbox jack did make life very simple, and it was far easier to align than a manual box. All the lower engine to gearbox bolts are done up, the breather pipe is connected (so I shouldn't have an incontinent box anymore) wiring to the starter inhibit switch is done, gear change linkage etc etc, BUT I haven't been able to get at the top bell housing bolts to the engine. There is clearance above the box, but the issue is that even with 3 socket extensions I cannot reach the bolts, its a trip to Halford's to get a fourth one - the length of the FF parts causes this issue. Anyway, when I have these done up a final day should see it all back together and ready for road test.

I am also going to change the quill shaft bearing - I had replaced it with an el cheapo one, but reading Nick's postings on the CT forum about a cheap bearing failing within 2500 miles has made me recall that I did purchase a new RHP one, which is in my box of spares, and while the propshaft is out, its easy to change, better now than while doing the RBRR.

One other small issue while refitting the box, an oil cooler pipe fractured - internal rust - the walls were paper thin, better now though, than when on the road, as the fluid would soon pump out

I made up a replacement with 8mm copper pipe

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