Thursday, 6 September 2012

Its YKV201L Again

I had a day off work today and restarted the gearbox replacement, sadly I could not get to the top bell housing bolts what ever I did. So I removed the gearbox (again), and reversed the original removal process.

By the end of the day, all that remains before engine start again, is propshaft refitting (x2) gearbox crossmember and the autobox strengthener straps. Everything else is back together - and I need to fill the box with ATF

The postman delivered the mail after lunch and I ignored him - wish I hadn't because in the postbox were two letters from the DVLA - first one confirming the registration application had been granted and the second the V5.

They have reunited the car with its original GKN registration YKV201L fffantastic - so happy.

Thanks to Chris Allen, who did the Club Report and Derek Pollock who agreed the application for the old registration - a couple of beers owed there I think

Before I can drive it, I have to finish the gearbox work, and get the insurers to move the insurance from the chassis number to the registration - I have already written to the insurance, so with a little luck and a day or two off work next week, I'll be driving it next weekend.

500 miles to do to get it run in before the RBRR

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