Friday, 28 September 2012

Final Preparations

My jobs list is down to one item - get the discs skimmed on the car, but apart from that assuming nothing else breaks, the car, if not me, is ready for the RBRR.

The day started with a check of all suspension nuts and bolts and fluid levels in the transmission - all done.

I then inspected the disc run out with a dial gauge - its less than 5 thou per disc so I am surprised at the brake vibration I am getting. We'll see what a skim and new pads achieve.

I repaired the drivers seat, here's the old webbing straps

they fix across the seat from the metal rod visible on the left.

When I stripped the seat down they had all come adrift because they are supposed to be glued to the internal hessian. The glue had failed and they had fallen off, which does account for the discomfort. All repaired now and a comfortable seat is the result.

I have fixed the rear window trim on the driver's side now,

but I cannot get the trim onto the clips on the passenger side so I have left that for another day.

And especially for Tim Bancroft the car now sports a Club Triumph strip at the top of the windscreen.

RBRR stickers will be affixed later, probably at the Plough.

I managed to get the ABS to function today, its gives a nasty kick at the brake pedal, about 4 times a second, the pedal is forced back towards you by about an inch. No mistaking the ABS has come on!

Filled with petrol again, and its still returning 30mpg, amazing as its now had a few motorway trips at 70 ish,
and its still averaging 30, I don't know why I was worried about epic fuel consumption.

I inspected the spark plugs too, nice biscuit colour, so the mixtures about right, although its hunting a little at tick over.

And I finally found the squeak from the driver's door, or rather cured it. It was simple I had not tightened up the door striker plate, so when you went over bumps the door squeaked. It was annoying, and I had assumed that I had tightened all the striker plates. That's why I went and checked all the suspension bolts today.

Even got a spare set of keys cut.

So that I hope is it, a few more days as a daily driver and I hope no more issues, so RBRR here we come

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