Thursday, 27 September 2012

Today's Niggle

The estate reached the 530 mile point yesterday, so it was time for an oil and filter change. Now got VR1 fitted. I had been slightly concerned about low oil pressure during running in, but I had forgotten the Millers Running in oil is only an SAE30. Fitted VR1 now got 25psi tickover hot, and 45 psi at 2500 rpm, so all is well.

When I last filled the car with petrol at 420 miles, it had done 245 miles since the last fill up, and I only put 8 gallons in, so that's a creditable 30 mpg, I know that's with gentle driving, but Ok for a big saloon.

I have attended to all items on my existing snag list. Headlamps are aligned, service done, - I also had to re gap both sets of points as they had closed a little.

During this driving the brake vibration has got worse, so I have persuaded my local Porsche dealer to skim the disks on the car, this is being done the Thursday morning before the RBRR - a little late I know, but the first slot in their workshop, and the skim isn't likely to cause any issues - I have another set of NOS Ferrodo pads to fit too, so hopefully nice brakes for the RBRR.

What's gone wrong during the past few days, as I have used it as my daily driver, alternator belt went slack again, so I have tightened it again - I hope this is the last time, if not its another new belt to go on as its reaching the end of its adjustment.

The driver's seat back membrane has collapsed - that's the trouble with old seats, I will have to redo this with Pirelli webbing, as I do not have a rubber membrane for this.

And today the turn indicator, flasher unit ceased to work - another new item that's made of cheese from india or china - I shall fit an electronic module from a modern today and fix this forever.

Otherwise and its famous last words, but its running well, and no fluid leaks or use of oil or cooland.

Alan Chatterton visited last night to collect a spare BW35 autobox that I have for Steve. Took him for a run in the car, and used quite a large amount of throttle too (well it has done 500 miles and is nearly completely run in), it pulls very very well - its faster than my Stag in acceleration terms, quite a bit faster in fact. I suspect its those exhaust manifolds. I may get it on a rolling road in time, as it must have somewhat over the nominal 150 bhp - certainly feels like it.

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