Sunday, 23 September 2012

More progress

I did this work on Saturday, but been to busy to update the blog until now after the RBRR driver's meet at Gaydon.

Had a good drive down there in the sunshine and torrential rain on the way back. The car went well and now has 410 miles on the clock, 2 more runs to work and  its 500 mile service time.

The drive back in the rain has proved that the windscreen sealant has worked, no more drips from the screen in the wet.

I did a number of jobs on the estate on Saturday, and it now has a rear bumper.

I got Michelin Energy Saver (well I need all the help that I can to improve the mpg!) 195/70/14 tyres fitted to the new S Alloys.

Little fixes done, the cigar lighter socket (and its light) now function, fixed the rev counter - that was paint under the earthing screw where the internals are held into the case. Fixed the gear linkage length so it now starts in Park. Fitted a bulb holder and lamp to the gear selector gate so you can see what gear you are in when its dark. Fixed the drooping driver's side sun visor, I had to bend the arm a little to locate the far end of the visor in the rubber block. Greased the door catches so the front doors open and close easily. Fitted the seal to the air filter box - where the airfilter sits inside. Tightened up the squealing drive belts. Did the windscreen and rear estate windows with screen sealant. Finished the stereo fitment. Driving headlamps have been tweaked and aligned against measured marks on the garage doors, but still need checking at night.

I am left with fitting an elbow to the fuel pipe where it exits the underbody (ordered but not arrived) replacing the fuel tank fuel filler hose - it was a new one, but again probably Chinese or other crap, and its split already around the tank vent - I'll try and get an old one from a Stag, and the brake disks. They are still juddering, I have found a local garage that surfaces them on the car, so I might look at getting that done.

So I think the car is just about ready for the RBRR, even if I am not. I am greatly looking forward to the challenge, but still nervous about the car lasting the journey - there's a lot to go wrong, and the niggles with replacement parts are not good

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