Friday, 14 September 2012

I got to drive it on the road today

At about 8pm I finally got to drive the FF estate legally on the road. Taxed (free) and MOT with its original plates.

I didn't take it far, just round the block a few times, but the gearbox is quiet and as it should be, there's a little noise from the Morse chain on the overrun, but FF owners had warned me that you would hear this because there is no chain tensioner. Its not a loud noise but you can hear it.

The brakes are viciously powerful, steering good, a few clunks and bangs as you go over bumps, but I suspect that's the springs and poly bushes settling down. Great V8 engine noise. No boom, but TV8 roar and burble.

The speedo now works too with the new long cable - not sure if it is accurate, need to check it with a GPS

You can tell its 4 wheel drive, it does pull round corners.

Dead pleased I was still worried about the gearbox.

I thought I had only a few hours left to finish it off, but it took all day, there's a few nuts and bolts that are a sod to get at, and worse still it wouldn't start tonight, no starter motor, no reversing lights either. The gearbox inhibitor switch had failed - still better now than on the RBRR, as I needed to remove the vacuum tank, nearside manifold, front propshaft, and drop the gearbox mounts (again) to replace it with a NOS unit that I had, 3 hours work, that would have put us out of the RBRR, anyway all done.

The gear change linkage needs adjustment, as the park brake only engages if the gearstick is pushed forward with a little force - the linkage must be a little short.

The carbs need mixture and airflow at idle adjusting.

The power steering pump is leaking again, so I will get a secondhand one to replace this.

And there may be some water in the V, I need to look at these items tomorrow, as I must attend to them before I put many miles on the car.

But its still possible to get the car to the RBRR, even if I take a few days off work to run it in.

Anyway a happy day to have actually driven it at last.

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