Sunday, 22 March 2015

I have a clutch

Well at least the TR5 does, first job of the day was to check all the pipe connections in the clutch system and bleed the system. I had the usual issues with big gear box clutches of not being able to pump the fluid through (on new systems), but I have recently purchesed a hand operated brake vacuum pump, which you attach to the bleed nipple and it sucks fluid through. That done I have a working clutch with a bite point abouit 3/4 way, I am happy with this, as the 5 has a tilton hydraulic release mechanism fitted (no cross shaft etc), and as the plate wears, the release bearing is pushed away from the flywheel, so making the pedal actuate the clutch with less travel, so its good it starts near the bottom of the pedal travel. If it was near the top, it would soon be into clutch slip as it wore as the hydraulic mechanism would not be able to retract far enough with your foot off the pedal.

Now that I have a working clutch I can fit the tunnel cover, but first the tunnel seals want replacing (I prefer the old cardboard tunnels to the plastic repro's as the fit isn't always so good, and I had a really good condition cardboard tunnel cover)

And now tunnel fitted, a bit of a pig of a job with the new seals, it'll be easier next time !

And thats it another 5 hours work !

I'm off to Norway tomorrow for a week's work with Top Gear, so more in 2 weeks time

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