Sunday, 29 March 2015

More TR5 Work

I had a good session on the 5 this weekend.

Firstly I bled the brake system and the car finally has a working brake system, although I still need to adjust the rerar brakes and handbrake cables, but thats waiting on obtaining the correct clevis pins for the handbrake cables.

Next was seat work, I had purchased some 3mm steel rod, so a happy hour or two was spent bending it into the shapes needed to replaced the damaged "wing" frames on the seats.

That done I strted to affix the foams to the seats

and then fit the seat covers

which have to be done in stages, glueing the centre of the cover into the foams, with a weight on top to make sure it fits the lower area.

This was repeated with the top covers too, until I ended up with this

I then needed to tension the covers by stretching the cover over the base, and fit the seat tilt release

That done I had two complete finished seats.

With a little bit of time to spare I got round to fitting the rear wheel arch trims, and the B post trim.

Carpets next, but I put the seats in the car just to see what they looked like

I must finish fuel pipes and electrics next before I do much more trim work

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