Friday, 6 March 2015

Sprint Unobtainium and TR5 Refurbish Parts

After a few weekends away and Stoneleigh last weekend I am hoping to do a little work on the cars this weekend.

Anyway I managed to get some more unobtainium parts for the Sprint engine rebuild

4 NOS rocker arms - I need the other 4, but I do have an unmarked set of secondhand ones to complete the head

I also got a NOS jackshaft sprocket

and a NOS  roller bearing for the nose of the gearbox input shaft - this sits in the crank

As to the TR5 I eventually got the accelerator pedal assembley replated, this has sat on  my desk at work for the past 7 years !

The soft top handles have also been rechromed

and I got the door latches replated

The seat frames have gone off for blasting and powder coating too, so two days spannering ahead

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  1. Two days spannering? Have fun! Hopefully we won't have to wait another month for an update!


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