Thursday, 4 March 2010

Cant Rails and other bits and pieces

A mixed day today, cut the roof off the blue estate and loaded it on to a trailer. The engine still ran, so I have now driven a convertable 2000 estate!

The rear lamp housings are still attached to the roof, as I need some panels from them, and I wanted to carefully separate them from the roof.


No rust in the roof either, and only a little surface rust in the A posts


The plan for this roof is to cut out the cant rails forward of the "estate" modifications, leaving the rear hatch and window rails in place on the roof, reverse this process on the car, and then marry the two together. Sounds easy.....
Started cutting out the cant rails on the new roof, the cut is up to the gutter (rainchannel), leaving this attached to the roof, so I won't have to fabricate the parts that hold the trim strip on.

Cant rail removal


and now all gone, leaving the front of the A pillar - windscreen surround.


Next windscreen header rail removal


It just remains to repeat this on the other side.
While I was doing this, and waitng for the trailer to collect the old car, I also dismantled the rear trailing arms.

I got the bushes out with my favourite method - a blow torch, easy, if a little smelly and smoky and no risk of damage

Strangely on inspection one of the trailing arm spring mounts has a rusty metal spacer fitted, which was under the rubber spring mount. Both springs seem to be the same length, I intend to remove it and see if the car lists to one side upon the rebuild. The trailing arms, and other parts will now go for blasting, and powder coating where required.

If its dry tomorrow I intend to continue with the other side of the roof, and then start preparing the roof on the car.

Hours worked 386 (9 today)
Money Spent £8311 (engine work cost £750)

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