Friday, 12 March 2010

The Estate has turned Turtle.

I started today continuing with the roof welds. I got very sick of molten weld splatter down my arms, and it was almost impossible to see what you are doing when grinding the welds back, so, as I have a spit I decided to roll the car upside down. At least now the roof is on, there is enough weight to balance it and do this, before I couldn't get it more than 90 degress.

This was a good plan except for 2 issues:-

1). I hadn't removed all the rubbish from the interior, so what didn't fall out as it rotated ended up in the roof
2). I hadn't taken the doors off the passengerside, so it wasn't exactly balanced, and the doors are not easy to remove upside down!

While rotating it I spotted other jobs that I kept forgetting to do, so ground off the weld penetration on the rear valance, boot floor join

  and seam welded the reat of the passenger sill - it was only tacked in bits

and finished welding the outrigger on the passenger side

Then the roof / gutter rails, easy now and painless! So the roof is now completely welded on apart from a few spotwelds on the passenger side windscreen pillar, which can wait until its the rightway up again. Its easy to show the before and after here, the grove between the cant rail and gutter normally has a flexible joint filler in it, and is spot welded higher up befoer the roof goes on.

I am welding in the V of the joint

Thats it, I am now going to work on the underside of the car, front to back and try and complete the work underneath.

Hours worked 411 - 8 today

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