Friday, 19 March 2010

Not Welding

In my last post I said that I would be welding next, but I didn't, I decided to have a different type of day.

There are still some mechanical parts that need attention, as my cunning plan is to get these items reconditioned / repaired while the body repairs are ongoing so I don't have to wait at the end of the body rebuild.

So first off were the disks from the fwd hubs, I have found a company in Oldbury who will make new ones

Then it was strip the struts, so the springs can be powder coated and the dampers replaced.

Had a small problem here, the uncompressed length of the springs was so large I couldn't remove my coil spring compressors, and had to get another set. Is it normal for 2000 springs to be so long, or was this a suspension modification?

I also need to compare the struts to my Stag ones and see if they are of similar length, spring mount height, and piston travel. if they are its some Koni inserts, if not I need to investigate alternatives.

Next front drive shafts, upon Adrian Turners advice I persuaded the CV joints to split from the front diff with a large hammer

These are going to Dave Mac Propshaft Services in Coventry.

Next project was the engine, I needed to get it built up to protect the machined faces from rust, so I intended a dry build before additional machining, here crank shells fitted

And crank in place checking end float - measured at 4 thou, which is the lower edge of the tolerance.

Crank turns freely by hand, no tight spots so onto the pistons, first check ring clearance, using rings off each piston in its bore, I set them to a "level" height using the piston.

All gaps were between 15 and 18thou, spot on for a Stag engine.

So pistons in

I had intended to deck height the block, to get the pistons level with the top of the block, but no need, unusually all the pistons were either level with the deck, or within 1 or 2 thou, so thats one job saved.

I shall do a little more work on the lower end, and then it will be oiled, wrapped in cling film and put away, until I am ready to fit the heads.

hours worked now 420 - 9 today
money spent now £8381 - £50 on powder coating.

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