Sunday, 28 March 2010

Slow Progress

Had another day welding on the estate today, interrupted at various and frequent times by my sons who needed attention to various bits and pieces on their moderns.

The welding was really just finishing bits and pieces off, so no dramatic progress, but the passenger side is now finished apart from the rear lamp area, rear hatch to wing, and fitting the front wing, and of course the front drag strut mount. If I say it quickly it doesn't sound much!

Plug welded the rear wheel arch which is now finished

Got inside the car to attend to the welds on the cant rail joints, before

And after, I have left the square hole as I want to reinspect the internal welds made through this hole to the far side of the cant rail, but I haven't got a good view at present due to the cage.

On the driverside I started to do the rear wheel arch repair sections, and finally gave up after one interrruption too many. The rear repairs are fitted but need the welding finishing

In reality the driverside is nearly at the same state as the passenger side, finish the wheel arch repairs, fit the rear wing, plus a few other bits and pieces of plug welds to complete and then that too will just need the wing fitting and the lamp sections.

Work permitting I think I can complete the shell in a few weeks - but not the doors or bonnet, so I am contemplating booking it in at surface treatments, the remaining parts can go down later. Before it goes, it needs a good inspection and snagging session, anyone who wants to inspect it and help point out areas that I have missed will be most welcome, as its hard to spot your own mistakes!

Hours now worked 435 - 7 today.

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