Friday, 2 April 2010

Last rear wing fitted and other jobs.

A good days work today.

Finished the rear wheel arch welding repairs

And repaired the front of the arch, this needs completing in the sill area, but I will do that next time the car is inverted.

Then a small repair to the inner wing was needed just above the sill

Then on goes the wing, good fit with the door too

Nice fit on the rear valence too

Plug welds of wing to body at door aperture

I have plug welded the wheel arch too, it just needs the welds in the boot floor to complete, but I will do these later before I rotate the car to finish the rear sill closer.

While things were going well, I decided to revisit the front wheel arch on this side, the one I had abandoned work on twice. I made some good progress here and got the sill closing panel and part of the inner arch repair fitted. You can see the plug welds in the middle of this pannel, where it connects to the middle sill.

Next job is to finish this wheel arch. After that I have still a few bits to do around the base of the windscreen pillars. If this all goes well I may get the front wings on this weekend, and that will be the front of the car finished. Although, I need to hope that BOC are open this Easter Saturday, as I am nearly out of gas.

Hours worked 443 - 9 today.

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