Sunday, 11 April 2010

Front Wing Day

Todays the day the estate should look like a car again, I am intending to finally fit the front wings, but first there are a few small jobs to attend to :-

A small rust repair in the lip of the bulkhead where the wing fits - I'd left this as too small to bother with originally, but its got to be done.

Welding up the remaining hole in the Driver's A pillar

Then fabricating the bracket which the wing sits on infront of the screen

and now welded

Remove the flange from the passenger side inner wing, I had kept this as my original  secondhand wing was minus the flange, but my NOS one that I now have has the flange

There were a few other little jobs too, such as welding up and grinding off the drill holes where I had taken the wings off down the A pillars, anyway all done so I commenced to trial fit the wings

It wasn't bad but not perfect and required adjustment. However because of the bonnet damage that had already been caused, I couldn't be certain about parts of the fit, so I swapped the bonnet with the bulge, for the one I had kept from the green estate.

This was much better, and I soon got the passenger wing nicely aligned. The driver's side one had to come off a few times, firstly to alter its fit with the headlamp panel - I let metal in, as the wing was pushing the top panel down

Eventually it all fitted nicely, the wing gap is completely parallel on the passenger side, but tapers slightly on the Driver's side

The panels are only held on with pop rivets, so the next job is to plug weld them on.

The green bonnet fits well, and has no rust, unlike the white one, which has dents and rust, so I have decided to transplant the bulge, and make the other modifications to the green one.

So apart from the drag strut mount, the passenger rear window and a few little bits and pieces of tidying up welding thats the shell finished. At times I never thought I get here.

Hours worked 477 - 8 hours today

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