Saturday, 17 April 2010

Don't have a barbeque if you want to get on with the car

First job of the day was to drill the alignment hole in the bonnet hinges, to mark the fitted position and aid subsequent refitting

Then remove the bonnet, and get on with plug welding the wings on.

Door alignment was checked, there's a small area near the top of the door, by the rain channel that will some "relieving" but otherwise a good fit both sides. The problem is that I have made the channel too deep here, but some attention with the grinder will fix this.

I had some difficulties aligning accurately the lower valence to the wings, but then I found I could get to the seam through the headlamp holes and use mole grips inside the wing to hold things in place

and the other side

By now it was 2.30, and as it was a sunny day and all the boys were home we had a barbeque, with several bottles of wine. I fell asleep - as you do, and recommenced work at 5.30 feeling a little groggy. Anyway, finished all the plug welds, here are the wheel arches

These need grinding off, but at 8.30 pm it can wait for another day. I have already ground the welds off on the other plug welds on the upper seams.

Work will continue next weekend as I am off to Gaydon tomorrow, then I will do the plug weld grinding and the drag strut mount.

Hours worked now 485 - 8 hours today

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