Saturday, 10 April 2010

Pig of a job

Lets start with parts updates.

Front struts, in the end I found 2 companies who could help, Gaz, can rebuild then, Leda can make new ones.

I have ordered 2 from Leda with 2 rear dampers, 29 point adjustable in bounce and rebound apparently. ( this will have a large impact on the costs todate too!)

Surface Treatments  - I have booked the shell in on the 7th July for dipping and e-coating, so I have to get a move on.

Todays job, was to get the rear hatch aligned with the lamp housings fitted, this took much fettling and adjustment. Firstly I simply cleaned off the lamp housings of unwanted metal and flanges and pushed them in place.

Left hand

Followed by the right hand, after removing the remains of the original one.

The tailgate is still offset to the right, so off it came, to elongate the mounting holes - I had to do this twice in the end.

As you can see the gap is now even

After refitting I had to manipulate the lamp housings, so that they were the same distance from the rear valence, the hatch channels were aligned, the inner flanges were parallel and level with parts of the rear wing, and finally the flange on the rear wing was aligned with the flange on the lamp - and not forgetting the bootlip closer met the same part on the housing. I achieved this with much aggravation by getting the distance from the valence correct first. I then tack welded in place at this point, and then basically used hammers, leavers and gentle persuasion to align the rest.

This is the end result

I was pretty pleased with this !

There is lead loading to be done, in quite a few places, but Surface Treatments have said that the dipping may remove the lead, so its best to wait until the rust has been removed.

I then finished welding everything in place, and even did the large seam where the valence joints the inner boot which had been left, about a 4ft seam weld.

After this result I had time to fit the side window channel driver side

Which I tack welded in place - this was brazed originally.

Then moving into the inner boot area I fitted the rest of the channels and strengtheners on the driver's side

I still have to weld the C posts to the outer wing where they join, but I want the shell back on the spit first and upside down so that the lead runs away from the weld, not into it under the influence of gravity. I will also then fit the passenger side window channel, which I cannot get to at the moment as it is against the garage wall.

Total hours worked now 469 - 9 today

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