Saturday, 3 April 2010

Front wheel arch finished - hoorah!!

Got up early and went to BOC Wolverhampton today, on the doorstep for 8.30 and got my gas, so on with the welding.

Mid section of wheel arch fitted

Then fabricated and fitted front section

Easy really, I don't know why I kept putting the job off. It was time consuming, most of the day, but its a good fit with the wing. It still needs the welds grinding off, but thats another upside down job.

The wing still fits too, so thats a bonus.

On to other jobs, firstly finished the windscreen pillar welds on the passenger side

And here's the join between the old and new frames, it needs a little lead loading, but its still a nice fit.

Did the plug welds in the passenger floorpan too

Next jobs, get the car upside down and grind off the welds in the wheel arch, finish the boot floor and inner wing spot welds at the rear on the drivers side.

After that I have a choice of 3 major jobs to finish, its either fit the 2 front wings or deal with the tailgate aperture, and rear lamp housings. Still I am really pleased there is an end in sight to the major body work repairs, and I haven't even been working on it for a year yet.

Small jobs to attend to are reskinning the doors and repairing the dents in the bonnet.

Finally the to do list is smaller than the finished list

Hours worked now 452 - 9 hours today.

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