Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Powder Coating

A short blog today, collected my recent batch of powder coating.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted that the studs are still in the trailing arms and also powder coated. I tend to leave the old ones in and replace them later, as it protects the threads in the holes, which are feeble enough as it is, with out needing to tap them again to remove powder coat.

The rectangular backet with the large hole is the servo solenoid mount.

I have had some luck on ebay recently and sourced some nice parts such as:-

3 nos interior door handles
2 nos A Pillar repeater indicator lenses
4 nos headlamps complete.

plus other parts I was after, such as a nice clean powder coated Air Filter, 2 Cam Covers powder coated, and the sill chrome trims I was missing. I must say saloon parts don't carry the premium that TR5 parts do.

more welding next.

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  1. Actually, it is obvious that your tools up there were powder coated. The colors seem to stand out better. I love silver coated tools the best. It seems to glow in the dark. ;)

    Lonnie Summerall


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