Friday, 5 March 2010

The Estate has a roof !

Started off today by preparing the other side of the roof.


Then started to prepare the car by removing the rain gutters and parts of the A post
drivers side

I then cut off the rear section of roof frame on the car upto the passenger doors, but leaving the C post

3 of us, then lifted the new roof on


It fits pretty well, but won't align until I "fettle" the metal at the top of the C posts - as its the join, I intentionally left spare metal to ensure a good joint.


Once this is done all the remaining gaps will close up, and it can be seam welded under the gutter, spot welded round the windscreen etc etc

Don't worry about the gap in the A post in the following picture - I still have the original metal that I cut out





I am really pleased with the result, the job wasn't as bad as I had feared. There is probably another 2 days work to finish the roof off, with the welds and grinding, so I won't be in a hurry to do another one.

How long to the RBRR?

I might make it at this rate.

Hours worked now 395 - 9 today

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