Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Back and Front

Stripped out the old tail gate and got this new one fitted and aligned - This will let me adjust the shut lines, and rear light housings etc

I was going to stop there, but this arrived today, its repressed on the original tooling

So out came the grinder (again) and I got to this - cheating really as the other panels were just clamped in place so it didn't take long

Passenger side top wing is ok, but the drivers side is like this - so more grinding

radiator panel and top panel in place

Front of car trial fitted again - some small adjustments still to make.

At least these panel welds are all accessible with a proper spot welder so much easier and quicker to do

However after reading a recent post on the forum about engine removal, its obvious the V8 won't come out from underneath - the heads won't fit between the chassis rails, so while the front is off the car I am going to pull the engine and gearbox out. I'll worry about the refitting it later!

Then I will have room to get the spot welder to all the seams.

I have decided to rebuild the front panels as standard and then let in the Stag parts - much as was done originally, this will keep the alignment correct, as there isn't much holding the front together

Anyone got the Haynes manual for the FF transmission removal ??

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