Wednesday, 3 June 2009

More factory (bodges) modifications

While investigating how to remove the battery box, I also found under the muck a further line of pop rivets attaching the lower edge to the chassis rail.

After drilling out all the rivets, side and bottom, and a small cut box comes out revealing unpainted and only slightly rusty inner wing flange. The flange is good, so will remain after cleaning.

Thanks to a suggestion from a reader of this blog I have decided to weld the battery box back in (probably filled spot welds,) to give it strength, but then drill and pop rivet to retain original appearance.

Removed battery box with new radiator panel to headlamp panel strengtheners

New old stock front valence panel from ebay - collected today £26 a bargain.

I hope to fit all this and the radiator panels etc this weekend, but eldest son (27) has blown up his Astra again. I put a 40k mile engine in it 6 months ago, as his last engine had dropped a valve. So last night he arrives at the house "can you listen to my engine its making funny noises". I have a listen - tappets are rattling because of no oil - check sump - no oil - put 3 litres in. Dad "Did you ever check the oil ?" Son "No why ?" Dad "unprintable"....... tappet rattle goes, but there is the lower thump of a big end bearing on its last legs - so I have to drop the sump on that this weekend too, and inspect the bearings - I hope and pray for no marks on the crank, so it will be a simple and quick job!
Since he has started driving he has wrecked the following engines:-
Saab 16v - dropped valve.
Astra - seized - no water
Fiesta - dropped valve
Fiesta - dropped valve (again)
Astra - dropped valve
Astra - no oil - big ends
There is a certain pattern here. Words were beyond me last night - I am still not happy, I want to play Triumphs not grotty Eurobox

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