Saturday, 6 June 2009

Panel Proceedings

Decided to push on with the front end body work today, so first job on the headlamp panel was to drill some 3mm holes and put pop rivets in them, this will ensure that I always replace the panel in the correct position.

Angle grinder and cutters out next - off with the front valence and the radiator support panel, leaving a big hole which looks like this. Good view of the revised crossmember, anti roll bar and steering rack. Although the rack looks like one from a Stag, its mounts are on different planes to original, and the steering input shaft arrangement doesn't quite look right - so thats something else to investigate.

Battery box area, showing how the factory had cut the radiator panel, and hammered the wavy edge over. Remnants of the radiator support and radiator panel mounts can be seen. I have sprayed this with primer to make the pictures a little clearer. Note the absence of an oil cooler mounting. I thought this had rusted away, because there was an auto oil cooler, and there is a mount at the other end. However there is no trace of welding a mount here, so I suspect the factory relied upon the oil cooler pipes to support it at this end !

From this I suspect the car was not an auto originally, but a 2.5 manual. I have applied for the Heritage certificate, so the engine number will answer this one.

See - no weld marks

Contrast this with the other chassis leg and an oil cooler mount is present

Cleaned up flanges afetr removal of radiator support panel

Same on the other side

NOS radiator support panel in position, note the gap between it and the closing panel

This is to take the stag top radiator mount (the orange / brown pressing) which I need to fit into the radiator panel

Now front valence trial fitted. Nice fit, except lower wing edges, but these are all filler and mis-shapen anyway

View from underneath front valence to radiator support panel

and again
Engine side to front valence / radiator panel

Finally inner wing to radiator support panel

So thats all good progress.

Now I know they fit I must clean off the flanges, and get ready to spot weld. I still need to modify the radiator panel top rail, to fit the stag part, and get the remaining battery box panel, and before the front valence is finally welded, create and weld the oil cooler mounts.

As I haven't got the panels yet its probably mechanical work now for a bit.

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