Sunday, 28 June 2009

Front Transmission removal

Let me say that I had intended for this title to say engine removal, but its not that simple to remove the engine and gearbox, nevertheless some very interesting details of the modifications have come to light.

I would also like to thank the various people who I met at the 2000 national yesterday and for their help and encouragement. I learnt a lot, and I am very grateful for your advice, comments, and the new parts that you have helped me find.

I still need:-

Passenger side front wing
Middle sill passenger side
2 front seats in Black Velour

For the Concours Specialists, the car still has original (original to Stag on 14" rims) Michellin XAS tyres - tread left on them too, but I suspect past their sell by date!

back to the work - here is a view of the engine mount driver's side

and passenger side

transfer box under the car (attached to the rear of the gearbox)

Propshaft from transfer box to front diff

Removal work started - I must say it was strange to jack up a triumph, and turning a front wheel made a rear wheel turn too.

Progress was slow as ALL nuts and bolts were siezed, and most had to be cut off, or a nut splitter used, or heated red hot before they would turn. Obviously grease had not been used on assembly, and many bolts had hacksaw evidence of having been shortened on assembly.

You can judge the condition of everything from the picture of the propshaft - incidentally the UJs feel fine.

Front brake hubs and disks - note the castellated nut, and the allen head bolts. the disk appears to be a custom "bell shape", which is attached to a machined down 2000 hub, held together with the allen bolts. Disks are surprisingly unworn, but the pads only have 3mm left. The bearing arrangement uses a standard pair of taper roller bearings, with endfloat set by the castellated nut

Front drive shaft and steering arm

Strut removed - note altered holes in strut mount.

Front strut, not a 2000 top mount - looks like Hillman Hunter to me, and it has a roller bearing - so spins freely. Comes complete with alluminium top collar, which helps fill in and relocate top strut mounts. Strut appears to be standard 2000.

Front hub and drive shaft, into custom cast hub carrier, still uses 2000 steering arm and brake caliper. All ball joints were u/s, boots gone and had play.

View of front diff CV joint, drag strut and chassis rail mods.

The other side is the same (except drive shaft is longer), front diff is bolted via brackets to engine, with a modified sump - I will post pictures of this when engine removed.

I will now remove front crossmember, and hopefully get the engine and box out.

But thats for next time.

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