Thursday, 18 June 2009

Boot Floor FLanges

It has taken a lot of time to remove the old metal and grind off the spot welds and flatten the flanges but at last its done, right hand

and left hand

not helped by the Triumph assembly method in this area, spot welds, then braze then tack welds all in the same 2 or 3 inches, and I HATE grinding off braze, little bits of molten braze fly everywhere, usually onto your overalls causing them to smoulder too, rotten job, so to cheer myself up tried a trial fit of the boot floor

Doesn't that look nice ! - Its got to come out, I need to punch holes in it for the spot welds to the hidden flanges behind the diff.

After the joy of the boot floor fitting, look at the rust in the lower corner of the rear passenger side inner window frame - that'll be fun to fix

And, the rear valence will have to come off, the damage on the outside has distorted the inner panels and split some welds, and I will need access to beat this back into shape and then reweld. Its a bit of a pity as all the lead will have to come off the upper valence area near the boot shut, but as its a flat surface will be easy enough to replace.

Thats it for now, no more grinding or drilling tonight as the twins are going to bed.

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