Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Cross Member Out

This mechanical stuff is harder than the body work with all the seized bolts

Here is the front crossmember after removal.

Note how the rack mounts are not in the same "plane", but have one set at 90 degrees to the other.

The arms and roll bar are still attached as all these bolts need cutting off, the track control arms have the bolts rusted in the rubber, so need hacksawing through the rubber and bolts - Nice!

Picture of the front diff and transmission, which are bolted to the engine block
and although you cannot see it here, the engine pan is modified too to clear the diff.

Design Flaw!

The brown wires that you can see attach to the starter motor. There is no way to get this out without removal of engine, transmission and front crossmember. Not a quick job, and I cannot even tow start this, being an automatic. I may make provision for a starting handle !

Next time engine out, then back on with the body work

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