Sunday, 21 June 2009

More Welding

Chopped the rear valence off this morning.

Look at how Carbodies chopped away the car to do the estate conversion, the curved cut panel above the bumper mount, had been cut with a welding torch - complete with molten metal runs!

The bumper mount on the driver's side was soon knocked back into place with a large hammer without the valence in the way.

Damage to be repaired on the passenger side rear lamp housing - its rusty as well

Compare to the drivers side

Valence and rear lamp housing tack welded in place - the lamp housing requires some modification to make it estate compatable.

Other view of the rear valence.

I have not finished welding this as the shiny panel area above the valence is the remains of the lead loading. The fumes from this are very nasty when you weld, so I need to roll the car outside and get a fan to blow the fumes away (without affecting the mig gas!) before I complete this.

When that is done I shall tackle the plug welds in the boot floor area, as I need to push the valence up a little underneath to get proper alignment.

The valence has not been welded to the rear wings either, in case (when) I remove these to tackle the wheel arches and other rust areas.

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