Saturday, 29 May 2010

Bits and Bobs

I really cannot find anything left to do on the body shell prior to its trip to surface treatments, so I started work on some other items. I suppose I could have pulled the date of the body dipping forward, but at least I haven't had to panic with a lot of work left to complete, and this way I can now do some of the jobs on other items that will need doing sooner or later.

Firstly the gear selector, like everything on the car this is rusted solid, so I drilled out the rivets

and then stripped it into its constituent parts, using plus gas (and a hammer) to release the cross shaft, and this is what it looks like in pieces

The arm on the cross shaft is quite bent, I presume this was an intentional mod by Ferguson Formula as its far too stout a piece of metal to have happened accidentally. I shall send the sheet metal items off for power coating, and then I will rebuild it.

The handbrake horse shoe is in a poor state too

That needed the angle grinder to dismantle, and these parts too are off to the powder coater.

I have gone and purchased a car trailer to move the shell on. I have worked out that with the number of trips that the shell needs it was easier to buy a trailer and perhaps sell it on later rather than hire one in.
So far as I can forsee the number of trips the shell needs is as follows:-
2 to and from surface treatments
2 to and from the exhaust company
2 to and from the painters (unless I do this myself)
2 to and from the MOT station (maybe more if it fails on anything)
2 to and from the DVLA when I reapply for the registration.

Thats at least 10 trips and with the hire costs and travel to get and return a hire trailer this should work out well particularly as I can sell the trailer afterwards.

It did mean that I have had to attend to the trailer socket on my company vehicle, as when I towed one of my masts yesterday I found the left hand indicators were not working at the socket, so that was another estate related job today, replace the socket.

Hours worked now 566 - 5 hours today.

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