Saturday, 15 May 2010

Poor Customer Service

Today was supposed to be the day that I transplanted the bonnet bulge, but it didn't happen.

The day started well enough I managed to locate the fuel tank mounts and welded them in place

And the tank fits too

So onto the bonnet, I cut the clearance hole for the stag radiator filler

And then I waited for the hire company to deliver a Portapack. Although I own one, the cylinders are out of contract, and it was cheaper to hire a set with full cylinders than renew my contract for another year and buy the gas, especially as there isn't that much work for gas welding now as MIG is so good and cheap.

The set gets delivered, with new sealed cylinders, but I couldn't get the oxygen regulator to seal on the bottle, it wasn't the regulator as I swapped it for mine with the same result. It must be a damaged bottle, now to be fair to the hire company they couldn't have known, BUT after reporting the fault, they promised to call me back and never did, simply shut up shop for the weekend. Very poor customer service. I wouldn't have minded if they had telephoned to say sorry, we cannot sort it out this weekend, but nothing, no reply. I suspect they won't be getting any more business from me for a while. So there is no way of doing the brazing this weekend. I may go back to plan B and simply get my bottles put back on contract, the problem is that I may be away working next weekend, so that only leaves 2 weekends before Surface Treatments.

Anyway rather than waste the rest of the day, I went back to snagging off the car, and even remembered to fill the access holes in the cant rails.

Well thats it, apart from the rear exhaust mounts and some brazing the shell is finished, I cannot think of any thing left or outstanding, and I have checked all the welds and joints several times now.

I would have done the exhaust mounts too, but I have been away working and I forgot to order a Stag rear box, so that I can weld them in the correct location

hours worked 549 - 8 hours today.

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