Sunday, 16 May 2010

How many parts are in a 2000 Heater ?

The answer is quite a lot, but I will come to that later.

No welding today (no grinding either, Anne (and probably the neighbours) are delighted!) so on to other jobs.

Stripped the instruments out, these are rusty and need attention. I purchased a recon speedo off ebay the other week, so the rest of the dials are now going away for attention.

I stripped all the wood from the dash to in readiness for some attention to this, like most of the door cappings there is some revarnishing needed.

Now for the heater. It may seem strange, but its worth getting these right. They are a pig to remove when the car is complete, its a steering column and dash out job. I certainly want to change the matrix, especially in view of the state of the engine waterways, and I want to strip and lubricate the motor bearings - why? Because the bronze bearings dry out over time, this results in a horrible squeal when the motor is switched on. How do I know ? take a drive in my Stag on a cold day!

So here is the strip down, plenty of pictures, as I want these for a reference upon rebuild, there's all sorts of foam strips, dumdum flexible sealer and other bits and pieces that make it work properly, you can also see the cable clips that slip when the heater valve seizes up. The lever arms on the end of the flaps simply "tap" off, as they slide onto splines on the shafts.

Thats it, all in bits and ready for powder coating - and I didn't count the parts - far too many!

Hours worked 553 - 6 hours today

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