Sunday, 2 May 2010

Body Finished

Well 12 months after I started, the welding is done, just the snagging off to complete.

I was going to remove the bird cage today as my final job, but just as I started cutting it up, the grinder died. The motor works but it appears the gear drive is worn out as the disk doesn't spin. I'll take it back under warranty as it was a new one I purchased when I got the car, it was all of £29 from a DIY superstore. I think the grinder was trying to tell me something.

Todays jobs, I started with the bad gap at the bottom of the drivers door and welded metal on, and ground down the rear, here it is done. The gap is now 3 to 4mm along the length, instead of 0.5mm widening to 9mm.

Next the passenger side sill that is a little proud of the wing and door, more visible here

After cutting out a small fillet of metal and rewelding it now looks like this, nice and flush as it should be. I am not sure how this happened, but it may have been the after market inner sill that I used that pushed the front of the Stanpart sill out. Funnily enough I had never spotted it before, even when I originally trial fitted the original wing. But I have to get the gaps right, or people will say rude things about the car!

Next the bonnet, removed the bulge finisher, any one any idea what it off ?

From underneath the hole has been cut quite crudely as you can see here

I started to remove the bulge, by melting the lead off, and then started grinding back the braze

I had to stop here, as the rear of the bulge is flat and simply brazed to the rear of the bonnet. The best way to remove this is with an oxyacetalene torch, and melt the braze, but my portapack is empty, so this work is also on hold until I make another trip to BOC, but as its brazing and not welding I can still say the welding is complete.

Next time snagging, remove bird cage and bonnet work again - its a very small jobs list now.

Hours worked 525 - 7 today

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  1. Hi Mike, recon that bonnet bulge finisher is off a Mk1 Triumph 2000.


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