Sunday, 23 May 2010

Got some Gas

Despite working this weekend, I managed to get my oxy-acetalyene bottles from BOC this weekend, so bonnet bulge removal happened, I simply heated the braze and pushed a stainless steel metal scraper through the join while the braze was molten.

The thick white line on the left of the underside of the bulge, is just seam filler that had been used to close the gap between the bulge and the bonnet, it was about 10mm thick.

Now another nervous moment, cutting a hole in a perfectly good bonnet

And bulge now transplanted

It'll look better lead loaded and painted!

I also started to do various other items of brazing on the car, such as this joint on the front wing / scuttle panel, which I know the factory did like this

And I have started to braze the front wing seams - not original, but it stops the paint cracking here, and I will grind a small grove in it later

Thats all for now.

Total hours worked now 557 - 4 hours yesturday

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