Saturday, 1 May 2010

Doors Done

Started today on the rear passenger door. As both my originals had lots of rot I had purchased a new door. It looked good, and my supplier had run a grinder round any rusty patches to make sure they were only surface rust. Sadly when the skin was off it became apparent that there was lots of rust under the filler.  Additionally the fit was dreadful, not on the shut edges, but the door was bowed.

 So nothing else for it but to use parts from it to fix the original white door. So I transplanted the bottom section and repaired a few small holes in it.

That went well, if a little time consuming, so I put the new skin on and fitted the door.

Well pleased with that, so onto the front passenger door, the final one. Sadly when the skin was removed from this, there was lots of hidden rust in the bottom lip. Here's the first repair section going in.

And after a total of 4 repairs here's the finished door frame

That took a great deal of time too, so trial fitted the frame in the car

So fitted the skin and fitted the door next

The gaps are good except at the front edge

This is easily fixed by building up the wing edge with weld and grinding back, like this - still needs a little finishing though

One other problem has appeared, the front of the sill is proud of the door and wing on this side

Its not too clear in the picture but the sill is about 4mm proud of the door at the front. I shall fix this tomorrow by cutting a section out of the sill and rewelding.

I am glad the doors are done, they were not simple reskinning jobs and have taken a great deal of time.

I need to finish the work on the shell before 7th June as I have moved forward the date for dipping and ecoating to then, once the sill fit is sorted, I have a little work to do on the driver's door, then its the bonnet bulge transplant

Hours worked 518 - 9 hours today

Total Spend £9016 - £75 for the passenger door - an expensive repai panel as it turns out!

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