Saturday, 16 October 2010

Differential Done

I suppose that I shouldn't have been so rude about Dave Pearson's painted differentials, I got my back on Friday with a lovely new crown wheel and pinion, and good quality bearings, but it was in a freshly bead blasted unpainted casing - no rust though.

new gears, and no clunks or excess play

a quick degrease, followed by 2 coats of engine laquer resolved the finish

and then it was a simple matter of pressing the hubs and bearings back onto the stub shafts, replacing the rear cover and bolting it into the rear suspension

That done it was time to carry on with the engine, so I turned it over and fitted the NOS water pump, I wanted to check this meshed ok with the jackshaft gears, and turned freely, hence doing it before the timing chains. While I was on top of the engine I also fitted 3 new coreplugs in the V, using some wellseal to ensure they are leak free.

Timing chains next, not a quick job on a Stag V8, I had got some genuine Iwis (used on Mercs) timing chains from LD Parts, together with their cam gears and jackshaft gear.

So that was enough for today, my front hub seals will arrive on monday, so I should be able to complete the front hubs and brakes then.

660 hours now worked, 7 today

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