Sunday, 24 October 2010

Front hubs and disks

I haven't been to the paintshop this week - too busy at work, but I intend to have a quick look on Tuesday, I can't go tomorrow as its our 30th wedding anniversary and Anne and I are renewing our vows and having a party for friends and family - probably be a bit hungover Tuesday!

Anyway, got on with the disks today. First job was to position the newly made dust shields on the uprights and weld them in place. Then I fitted the disks to the hubs.

Then it was time to bolt the disks to the hubs and fit the bearings, and assemble it all with the outer CV joint.

It was a bit of a pig to get the bearings to seat correctly on the hub, I fitted the outer bearing first, then turned the hub and upright over, and gently drifted the bearing down on the hub (using a long thin drift through the back of the inner bearing - no race was in place for the inner bearing at this point) then I fitted the inner bearing and oil (grease) seal, and inserted the outer CV joint, gently drifting this into place, until I could fit the castelated nut and tighten it all up. I do not have a torque setting for this, so as it uses taper roller bearings I tightened to 5ft lb, and then undid the nut by one flat.

So both disks on, hubs assembled, time to fit the struts and the brake callipers.

After fitting the 2 brake callipers, I inspected the disk / calliper clearance. One side is fine, disk nicely central, although there is a little run out on this one. I'll get the dial guage out and see how much, and then try moving the disk round 90 degrees at a time against its position on the hub and see if things improve. I only noticed this as one of the lockheed caliper fastening bolts is too long and protrudes into the disk area - I could hear it just catching the disk as it rotated (its an uneven rub - so the disk / hub must be out of true), so this bolt needs removing from the caliper and shortening - its about 4mm too long

The other caliper is offset against the disk - it doesn't catch or foul anywhere, but the disk should be central, I need to take some measurements and see why, unfortunately its the "wrong way" to shim the caliper out, the caliper actually needs to be a little closer to the upright to increase the clearance. If worst comes to the worst I may get a 1.5 mm machined off the upright moutning faces where the caliper bolts on. I don't want to "butcher" the calipers as I may need to replace them at some time, so its better to correct the housing

Still it will all do for now to get the shell on its wheels when its painted. My november deadline draws closer and I have still got a lot to do.

6 hours worked today so thats 666 (wish I hadn't typed that figure) hours in total

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