Thursday, 7 October 2010

New Bits

I had my own little round the midlands reliability run today collecting parts for the estate,

Finally got the new Brake Disks - nice, but expensive

and the rest of the powder coating, so with the brake dust shields back and the disks I can finally finish the front suspension this weekend.

and then I went to see Mick Dolphin, and got some shiny new bits for the car - its got to look its best you know!

I'm hoping to get my diff back tomorrow (I am just hoping its not painted bright red or some other fancy colour of Mr Pearson's choice), so I will then complete all the suspension this weekend, I must hurry as the paint shop have telephoned today and confirmed that the painting will be completed within 2 weeks, and they will need the suspension and wheels, as I am not dragging the painted shell home on old wooden pallets on my trailor.

Money spent now £14065 - the disks were £400, the rest is powder coating and shiney bits.

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