Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Paintshop Progress

I had hoped to have the car back by now, but progress has slipped a little.

I popped in to the paintshop to inspect progress today and the leadloading is complete on the passenger side

The tail gate is now a perfect fit too now

So its just the rear valence, and the driverside lead loading to complete now, plus a few other finishing off bits prior to painting.

Now that Alan has revealed that the car is going on the 2000 register stand at the NEC, I am worring about the time that I will have left to work on it after it comes back from paint. I at least want to get the engine and front drive shafts in place, so I am going to dig out the wiring loom and bulkhead mat at the weekend and get them cleaned off and ready for fitment - there's no way (I hope) that the engine and box are coming out after fitment, so I must ensure these are ready to fit.

I cannot attend all of the NEC show myself - just the Sunday, I working on The Festival of Remembrance at the Albert Hall - so Alan and Colin will be looking after the car for me on Friday and Saturday, but if anyone wants a chat please pop along on Sunday.

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